As 2018 quickens toward a close (we know, we can’t believe it either!), you’d think that business, news and announcements would start to slow down slightly as the festive period looms, wouldn’t you?

From meeting and interviewing Andrew McAfee at the world renown Nordic Business Forum, to being named in the ABA’s Women of Legal Tech list and one of the NLJ’s Legal AI Leaders, nominated for the Canadian Fintech and AI awards for the AI Company of the Year award and AI for Good award, as well as presenting keynotes in Europe, Scandinavia and Australasia, it’s safe to say that this year has been, indeed, a  memorable one .

However, this week brought more incredible news, that has made us both very happy for our users, customers and partners, and truly honoured that Robot Lawyer LISA has been named in the Artificial Intelligence for Small and Midsize Businesses report by Gartner.

The reason why this inclusion is a big deal, is that Gartner is the leading research and business advisory company on the planet. With over 15,000 associations that serve 100 countries, they cover every major function across every market sector, using trusted insights, strategic advice and practical tools to drive success.

As described on the summary section of the Gartner website where the report can be found:

Business partnerships with AI vendors focusing on SMBs help accelerate technology and service provider market expansion. Technology product managers targeting SMBs can consider partnering with such vendors as they continue to expand their product designs, roadmap efforts and business sustainability.

Being included in this document as one of the ‘Cool Vendors’, which has been analysed by Monica Zlotogorski, Fernando Elizalde and Andrew Stevens, is continuing to show the level of progress Robot Lawyer LISA and our CEO, Chrissie Lightfoot have made in bridging the gap between the legal and business worlds with LawTech.

We can’t say what was mentioned or discussed in the report, that would be spoiling things, now wouldn’t it?! 😉 But we can talk about what can be found in this press release, right here.

Everybody at Robot Lawyer LISA would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Gartner for including us in its prestigious report!