So you’ve got a fantastic business idea that you want to bring to market, but you’re not sure what it takes to make that next step? You’re not alone. The world is full of people sitting on amazing products because they don’t know where to turn. To help you take your first steps in the world of business we’ve compiled a list of five things that will help turn that idea into a reality.

Be patient

Remember that this process is a marathon, not a sprint. Dragging your idea kicking and screaming into the real world is going to take time, and it’s going to involve quite a few detours along the way. Embrace them. It’s all part of the journey. While you may be anxious to achieve what you set out to, the unexpected and occasionally unwelcome events that occur during the process are all opportunities to learn about yourself and the world of business.

Be passionate

One important signifier as to whether your idea is as good as you think is your own level of passion. Does it wane over time? Do you find yourself beginning to doubt the impact your idea may have? If after a few months it doesn’t quicken your heartbeat then it may be time to go back to the drawing board but if it does then passion is one of the most important weapons on your armoury.

Passion is infectious, it drives you to go beyond what you usually would in pursuit of greatness and it allows you to take risks. Be passionate about your product and channel that into turning your idea into a success.

Learn how to sell

Passion always helps you sell, which is going to be important if you are to turn your idea into a reality. Start by working out the essentials – what’s the value and how will it make money – and then begin to build the brand story. Always focus on ensuring that those from the outside, namely the investors that you will soon be pitching to, understand what you are trying to achieve and what is in it for them.

Always look to improve

Few ideas appear to us fully formed. Refining that great initial idea to turn it into a killer product is essential if you’re serious about changing the world. Challenge yourself and others to make it even better. Be brutal and work hard to understand the weaknesses of the idea and, more importantly, how they can be removed.

Focus on yourself as well as the idea

Burnout can kill a good idea stone dead, so make sure that you take time out of your schedule to focus on yourself. Work/life balance is important for ensuring that your mind is clear and you can flesh out and further develop your product. Understand your own limits and when required give yourself the breathing space to take a step back and indulge in a little me time. After all, we can’t all be Marissa Mayer.

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