Solicitor Help

If you are a user of LISA’s AI legal tools but would like a practising solicitor to look over the document, either for peace of mind or because you and the receiver were unable to come to an agreement and finalise the document, then you can contact the human lawyers at Duthie & Co LLP.

The team at Duthie & Co LLP are the brains behind Robot Lawyer LISA, and will be able to support you on additional legal matters stemming from the use of LISA and give you additional advice on any kind of business legal issue.

You can find the contact details of Duthie & Co LLP solicitors below:

Chrissie Lightfoot – The business and commercial brain behind LISA’s AI tools

Robot Lawyer Director at Duthie Law (solicitor non-practising)

Phone – 07793 510104

Email –

Adam Duthie

Adam Duthie – The legal brain behind LISA’s NDA tool

Managing Partner and solicitor at Duthie Law

Phone – 07795 024403

Email –

Russell Davidson

Russell Davidson – The legal brain behind LISA’s suite of property tools

Consultant Solicitor at Duthie Law

Phone – 07979 536432

Email –

Please note:

1. You will be transacting with Duthie & Co LLP and its practising solicitors and subject to their fees, terms and conditions if you require legal advice in relation to any of the above.

2. Solicitors at Duthie & Co LLP can only act for one party to the document you created with LISA. The other party will need to seek representation from an alternative solicitor.