What is a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

A Non Disclosure Agreement (also known as an NDA) is a document that individuals and businesses produce to ensure that one party keeps the other’s information confidential. NDAs are used across businesses.

Why might I need an NDA?

There are a number of reasons why you might need an NDA. For example, if you are pitching a business idea to investors you may want to ensure that your trade secrets are kept secure. NDAs can also be preventative; setting out the terms of disclosure can help avoid any costly legal battles at a later date.

Can’t I just use a sample one from the Internet?

You can, however using a template NDA taken from the Internet doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you are protected. LISA will ask questions as you create your NDA, allowing you to produce a document that is bespoke to you and the receiver.

How do I create an NDA using LISA?

Using LISA is easy. Before you begin make sure you have the following information (some may not be relevant to you):
  • Your first name, last name (surname) and address.
  • If your business is a Partnership, the first name and surname (last name) and address of one of your partners.
  • If your business is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), its LLP name, number and registered office address.
  • If your business is a Limited Company, its full company name, registered number and registered office address.
It will also help you produce your NDA more quickly if you have your receiver’s details at hand. Once you begin, simply follow the on-screen prompts and answer the questions. The initial process should take no longer than 7 minutes. As you create your NDA you will also be provided with legal guidance (guidance notes) which contain information and help on the legal and commercial aspects of the NDA. On working through the AI App you and your receiver will be able to:
  • Draft the NDA between you.
  • Make changes to the NDA to find the middle ground acceptable to you both.
  • Finish with an agreement you are both happy with.
Once complete and you and your receiver are happy with the content, LISA will make your final NDA document available to both of you for viewing and signing. LISA will also email you the final document, as well as a Legal Guidance document to help you understand the commercial nuances surrounding your NDA. Click here to get started.

How does LISA work?

Human lawyers with decades of entrepreneurial, corporate and commercial legal experience created LISA. By using our expertise, as well as emerging technologies such as AI, we were able to create a product that can provide legal advice to fit individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Why should I use LISA?

Unlike human lawyers, LISA doesn’t take sides. LISA will represent both you and the receiver equally. The entire process between both of you takes approximately 15 minutes, making it incredibly convenient. Better still, the entire service is completely free to use.