Robot Lawyer Lisa is delighted to confirm that, from today (February 22nd), the company will be supporting the Legal Innovation Programme for Westminster Law School (WLS), UK, as a business partner.

The programme, which will be implemented by Fraser Matcham, Director of Legal Innovation at WLS, will compose of three elements: 1) the Legal Innovation Incubator, 2) Education and 3) Research, that will help students across the legal technology and entrepreneurship spectrum.  

Chrissie Lightfoot, legal futurist, and CEO of Entrepreneur Lawyer Limited and Robot Lawyer LISA, is an advisory board member along with other professionals from Deloitte, Fieldfisher LLP, Jurit LLP, Clerksroom, Barclay’s Eagle Labs and Legal Utopia.

The advisory board has made various commitments, all based on working around their work commitments, to support the programme and students in order to heighten the awareness of the capabilities, changes, and impact of legal technologies.

For instance, some will work from the University one morning each month to be available for mentoring and Q&A sessions; others will be providing ad hoc presentations, demonstrations, take part in panel discussions, judging panels, small group events or remote 1 to 1 support related to the three elements. 

Chrissie Lightfoot says: “It is a huge privilege to be involved in such an important initiative and to have the opportunity to help the next generation of youth become the positive LegalTech and LawTech game changers in relation to widespread hybrid (human and machine) legal services and products of the future. I envision a programme such as this that embraces a collaboration between academics, practitioners, and entrepreneurs from the fields of law, business, and computer science will be a real boon to societies and economies in the years to come.”  

Fraser Matcham says: “I am so pleased that Chrissie is a member of our advisory board as a prominent, successful and experienced legal entrepreneur; as well as Robot Lawyer LISA supporting the new Programme as a business partner. This will inspire our students and enable our new innovation zone to thrive with legal entrepreneurism.”  

The Legal Innovation Zone, will be a dedicated workspace environment on the University Estate and will be the first in-house University incubator, supported by Barclays Eagle Labs, that will allow a small group of 10 students to develop their legal innovations from concepts to prospective businesses.  

Students will be drawn from the wider University and collaboration between the Business School and the Computer Science Department will establish an interdisciplinary peer workspace along with having access to the advisory board, but also, gaining access to and involvement with legal research projects.  

About Robot Lawyer LISA

LISA is the world’s first impartial AI Lawyer. LISA enables two lay or business party users to create legally binding documents together in a matter of minutes without the help of legal professionals on either side. LISA’s free expertise automation non-disclosure agreement service has been embraced and proved very popular with users from 80 countries across the globe.  

LISA’s latest property-related AI contract suite is set to revolutionise how landlords and tenants, householders and lodgers, produce expertise automated legal agreements between themselves.

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Notes about the CEO

Robot Lawyer LISA was founded in 2016 by a Yorkshire based legal entrepreneur, Chrissie Lightfoot, who lives and works between Harrogate, Leeds, and London.  

Chrissie Lightfoot studied her first degree in Leisure & Business at Leeds Beckett University (achieving 1st class honours) and then went on to do a Masters degree in Law at Sheffield Law School.  

She trained as a corporate solicitor at Lee & Priestley LLP law firm in Leeds (now merged with Lupton Fawcett LLP). In 2009, she left the firm and became a legal futurist, founding Entrepreneur Lawyer Limited and working from a makeshift office in her apartment in Leeds.  

Entrepreneur Lawyer helps lawyers and entrepreneurs future-proof their careers and businesses. Subsequently, she has gone on to become an in-demand keynote speaker, writer, author, consultant and advisor around topics such as the impact of AI and robots in society, business and law, and recently founding Robot Lawyer LISA to bring positive disruption to a much needed legal ecosystem.  

For more information contact Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO, Robot Lawyer LISA: